Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri Successfully Performs the 20th CABG Heart Bypass Surgery Within 2 Years

The number of people with heart and blood vessel diseases continues to rise from year to year. The causes are varied, including unhealthy lifestyles due to consuming fatty foods. This habit can lead to the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels, causing blockages. When the blood vessels in the heart are blocked, you become at high risk of having a heart attack.

Blockages in blood vessels can be addressed with coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. During this operation, the doctor will take healthy blood vessels from other parts of the body, such as the chest or arms, and attach them to the top and bottom of the blocked blood vessels, creating a new pathway for blood flow.

Currently, the number of doctors capable of performing CABG surgery is not sufficient to meet the demand across Indonesia. As a result, many hospitals or healthcare facilities have to refer patients with such indications.

CABG Surgery at Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is one of the few hospitals with the competency to perform this major operation. In fact, within a span of two years, there have been 20 successful patients undergoing heart bypass surgery at Mandaya. Supported by experienced thoracic, cardiac, and vascular surgeons, dr. Bagus Herlambang, SpBTKV(K), PhD, and dr. Konda Kinanti, Sp.BTKV, BMedSc, the Mandaya Heart Center is ready to receive patients with heart diseases requiring surgery.

Erwin Suyanto, Public Relations of Mandaya Hospital Group, mentioned that the treatment provided by the hospital located just 20 minutes from Soekarno-Hatta Airport can compete with other healthcare facilities both in Indonesia and abroad. “Some CABG patients come to us after receiving diagnoses from renowned hospitals abroad,” he explained. This demonstrates the standard of expertise and comprehensive service provided, which is among the most comprehensive in Indonesia.

Expert doctors at Mandaya also treat patients with congenital diseases such as diabetes, which can increase the risk of complications after surgery. “We do have experience in handling patients with various conditions. Not long ago, there was a patient who had been suffering from diabetes for 15 years, successfully undergoing CABG surgery at Mandaya. The wound healed well and there was no infection,” Erwin stated.

The success of CABG procedures reflects the commitment of the Mandaya Heart Center team to meet the needs of the community, both in Indonesia and neighboring countries, for comprehensive heart disease services. In addition to heart bypass surgery, this hospital also has an arrhythmia treatment center, led by specialized cardiologists in cardiac arrhythmias, which are still rare in Indonesia.

Complete Heart Center at Mandaya

At the Mandaya arrhythmia center, heart ablation treatment is performed using the latest technology medical equipment, the CARTO 3 System with 3D Navigation. Patients can also undergo routine checks, battery replacement, and device reprogramming if there is any damage due to usage, as the hospital provides all brands of pacemakers in the world, including Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Biotronik, and St. Jude Medical.

Entrust your heart and your family’s care to Mandaya and receive comfortable, comprehensive, and professional service. Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri, A Hospital Like No Other.

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