Wi-fi & General Facilities

We have a range of facilities and services available to ensure your stay is comfortable. Find out more about our nursing services, telephone services, in-house entertainment, meals and dietetic service, room security and general housekeeping services.

  • Telephone Services
    It will not be possible to make outgoing telephone calls from your room. Please bring your own mobile phone to make calls from.
  • In-House Entertainment
    • TV
      Every patient has their own dedicated TV with a unique in-house entertainment system that allows you to access free-to-air television channels and a wide selection of movie, variety, entertainment, sports and news channels on cable. The TV is also interactive for ordering meals, giving feedback and many other options.
    • Internet Access and Online Gaming
      From our in-house entertainment system or your own devices, you’ll be able to access the Internet and whether it’s catching up with the news, playing interactive games, watching videos or relaxing with an online library full of books, you’ll be in full control of how you spend your time.
      If you are in a Deluxe room or one of our Suites, you’ll also have access to all the above-mentioned entertainment on the move, through a Wi-Fi-enabled multimedia tablet that you can take around the hospital.
  • Meal Service
    • Meal Service
      At Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri, we want to ensure that your meal is restaurant quality and restaurant service quality. We also want to ensure that you can eat what you want and when you want.
      Our culinary and dietetic team’s menus provide five nourishing, well-balanced meals and snacks each day to support your recovery. Our chefs will even create a menu for you based on your physician’s dietary recommendations.
    • Meal Times
      Breakfast: 6.30am – 7.30am
      Lunch: 11.30am – 12.30pm
      Dinner: 5.30pm – 6.30pm
    • Nursing Services
      • For your safety and convenience, a nursing call button is by your bed, connecting you to our nursing staff 24 hours a day. Additional call bells are located in the bathroom.
        Should you require any assistance, our team of nurses and healthcare assistants will be happy to attend to you.
      • Private Nurse Assistant
        If you require the services of a private nurse assistant, our ward staff for Patient Experience Officer will assist you in contacting a private nursing agency. There will be additional charge for this service
  • Butler Service
    • Butler Service
      Need something during your stay? Being confined to your ward shouldn’t let that stop you. Our team of friendly, professional butlers are at your beck and call.
      This service is available from 8am till 8pm on request, please contact our Customer Service or Patient Experience teams for booking and prices.
    • Other Services
      • Housekeeping
        Your room will be cleaned daily by a member of the housekeeping team. Please inform our nursing staff if you have concerns about any aspect of the housekeeping service.
      • Room Safe
        You’ll find a safe in your room where you can safely store your personal belongings.
        However, we advise you not to bring any valuables with you during your hospital stay. Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to patients’ or visitors’ personal items on the hospital’s premises.
        Please remember to leave the safe unlocked on your departure.
      • Laundry Service
        You may wish to have your clothes washed, pressed or dry-cleaned during your stay. Just let our ward staff know and this will be arranged for you. Charges will be applicable.
      • Maintenance Requests
        All electrical lights and fittings should be in good working order in your room. If you find that anything is faulty, please let our ward staff know so we can get it repaired.
      • Security
        Your safety and security are our utmost priority. Our in-house security provides 24-hour coverage, both on patrol and through constant monitoring of public areas through closed circuit surveillance equipment.
        Should you have any concerns, please contact our ward staff for assistance.
      • Fire Safety
        The hospital has an automatic fire alarm and sprinkler system. When the fire alarm is activated, alarm bells will ring on all floors. Should there be a fire in your room, leave your room and raise the alarm. Please make sure to close the door behind you to prevent the fire from spreading and to slow down the diffusion of smoke and fumes. Please remain calm and stand by for further announcements or instructions from the ward staff.
      • No Smoking
        Smoking is prohibited by law throughout the hospital complex.
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