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Access to 3500 Cleveland Clinic Specialists with 550 Advanced Subspecialists .

Cleveland Clinic, USA

Cleveland Clinic has been named the world’s No. 2 ranked hospital according to Newsweek World’s Best Hospital 2021 and No. 1 in cardiology (heart) since 1995 according to U.S. News & World Report.

The collaboration between Mandaya Royal hospital Puri and The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic provides access to Virtual Collaborative Medical Review  (Virtual Teleconsultation with Mandaya and Cleveland Clinic medical Team) for patients with complex health conditions. Patients will get their diagnosis and medical plan reviewed by expert physicians from Cleveland Clinic and Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri.

Through this collaboration, both organizations can pursue the same passion to focus on the needs of each individual patients and help patients gain clarity over their complex medical conditions.

How does expert collaborative review help you?

Several questions that are often discussed in the Expert Collaborative Review include:

  1. What is the most accurate diagnosis?
  2. What is the most optimal treatment plan or course of action for the patient’s condition?
  3. Is the patient’s condition still treatable or is it already in palliative state?

Remarks by Frank McGIllin, CEO of The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, regarding the collaboration between Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri and The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic during the Official Opening Ceremony of Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri.

Patients & their family can discuss the results of the expert review with both Mandaya and Cleveland Clinic physicians by offline & online teleconference. This collaboration will help patients and their family get the most appropriate diagnosis and medical treatment plan in the shortest time possible so that futher treatment plans can be implemented as early as possible.

If you or your family needs Expert Collaborative Review services between the Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri and Cleveland Clinic, USA.

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