Ambulance & Special Transport


Ambulance & Special Transport 

Ground ambulance 

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri Ambulance Service ground transport is an advanced life support service that provides high-quality emergency medical care at the scene of traumatic or medical emergencies, and during transport to and between medical facilities. 

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri Ambulance ground operations comprise a team of qualified paramedics and emergency medical technicians that provides advanced life support care and transport throughout much of the region. Our paramedics have advanced training and equipment to perform several medical interventions. 


Our Ground Ambulances handle many different situations: 

Emergency Transportation 

  • Local ambulance calls 
  • Medical evacuation from seaport and airport

Inter-Hospital Transportation 

  • Hospital-to-hospital transfers

Doctors Appointment/Outpatient Service 

  • Scheduled doctor/clinic visits 
  • Scheduled therapy (eg. dialysis, chemotherapy, rehabilitation)

Hospital Admissions and Discharges 

  • Home-to-hospital transportation for admissions 
  • Hospital-to-home transportation for discharges

Special Events Coverage 

  • Ambulance coverage for events like sports day, games, carnivals, family days, exhibitions and conferences. 


Our Ambulance Service ground ambulance serves the Jabodetabek area. 

How to request service 

For medical emergencies, call 021 3970 8888 


Air Evacuation & Repatriation (Worldwide) 

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri will arrange helicopter and fixed wing ambulance service medical evacuation and repatriation services to critically ill patients. Our medical escorts will accompany the patient on the flight to either Jakarta and the hospital, or onwards to another destination, monitoring the patient’s condition and providing constant care until arrival. 

Please contact Customer Care for further information..

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