The Founder's Message

Dr. Ir. Edhijanto Widaja Taufik, MBA

The field of medical science is a mosaic of innovation, discovery, and relentless perseverance. Its true power is harnessed when these groundbreaking discoveries are successfully translated from our research laboratories to the patient’s bedside, embodying the very spirit of translational research.

At Mandaya Hospital Group, we are united in our mission to revolutionize patient care through the application of translational research. We are privileged to work in an environment where everyone—from medical practitioners to researchers, from nurses to administrators—is focused on this noble goal.

Translational research presents a unique and compelling approach to medical science. It allows us to take the abstract concepts of research, give them form, and bring them to life in clinical practice. It propels our efforts in uncovering novel disease mechanisms, establishing predictive biomarkers, developing innovative therapies, and ultimately, delivering personalized healthcare to our patients.

Our time has seen unprecedented scientific breakthroughs, from genetics to AI, from nanomedicine to regenerative medicine. Yet, these breakthroughs alone are not enough. We must bridge the gap between these scientific advancements and their integration into clinical practice.

The journey from ‘bench to bedside’ is indeed a challenging one, fraught with complexities and hurdles. But let us not forget that each challenge presents an opportunity for innovation and progress. As part of the Mandaya Hospital Group, we have consistently demonstrated our determination to face these challenges head-on, our resilience to overcome obstacles, and our unwavering commitment to improving patient outcomes.

Our endeavor is not merely to add years to life, but more importantly, to add life to those years. Every step we take towards applying translational research in our daily practices brings us closer to a future where we don’t merely treat diseases, but preemptively manage health; a future where patient care is personalized, precise, and proactive.

As we continue on this path, let us remember that the spirit of translational research lies in collaboration, curiosity, and compassion. Let us strive for innovation, advocate for research, and above all, commit to our patients, ensuring that the benefits of our research are realized in their lives.

Thank you all for your ceaseless dedication and immeasurable contributions to this field. Together, we continue to shape the landscape of medical science and set new benchmarks in patient care. I am excited for what the future holds for us, as we venture forth, bolstered by the spirit of translational research, driven by our shared vision of a healthier world for all.

Dr. Ir. Edhijanto Widaja Taufik, MBA

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