Mandaya Royal Hospital Offers Comprehensive Treatment for Advanced Stage Thyroid Cancer

Pengobatan kanker tiroid di Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri

According to WHO data in 2022, thyroid cancer is among the top 10 types of cancer most prevalent among Indonesians. This prompts many individuals to seek treatment for this disease. Unfortunately, most people only begin treatment when it has reached an advanced stage.

Treatment for early and advanced-stage thyroid cancer can differ. However, there’s no need to worry, as Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri can accommodate both.

Thyroid Cancer Treatment at Mandaya

The hospital, recognized as The Most Comprehensive Thyroid Service Hospital by CNBC Indonesia Awards, features an integrated thyroid cancer center with expert doctors and state-of-the-art medical equipment, capable of managing all stages of thyroid cancer therapy, including:

  • Thyroid scan surgery
  • Thyroid nuclear ablation
  • Hormonal therapy

Patients undergoing thyroid cancer surgery are usually advised to continue treatment using nuclear ablation to ensure thorough eradication of any remaining cancer cells within the body that might have been inaccessible during surgery. To support this treatment pathway, Mandaya also ensures patients have access to nuclear ablation rooms for continued and comprehensive treatment.

To date, Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri has treated over 300 thyroid cancer patients from around the world, including those in advanced stages. Considering that not all countries can provide nuclear treatment, patients from neighboring countries and even Europe have chosen Mandaya for their nuclear ablation treatment.

Here are experienced specialist doctors who will aid in the healing of thyroid cancer patients at Mandaya:

Oncology surgeon:

dr. Enos H. Siburian, Sp.B (K) Onk

dr. Abdul Rachman, Sp.B (K) Onk


Nuclear medicine specialists:

dr. Eko Purnomo Sp.KNTM (K) Onk

dr. Aleksander, Sp-KN

dr. Alvita Dewi S,Sp.KN ( K ), M.Kes,FANMB

Patient Testimonials of Thyroid Cancer Treatment at Mandaya

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri has treated hundreds of thyroid cancer patients, including those in advanced stages. Remarkably, some patients who had cancer spread to their brains showed significant progress.

Ablation nuclear treatment involves ingesting colorless, odorless, and tasteless radioactive iodine-131, followed by placement in isolation rooms for 3-5 days depending on the dosage administered.

Here are testimonials from some thyroid cancer patients who have undergone therapy at Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri:

Pasien kanker tiroid sebelum ablasi nuklir
Before nuclear ablation cancer still takes up a huge part of the brain
Pasien kanker tiroid sesudah ablasi nuklir
After nuclear ablation cancer in the brain already cleared up

Testimonials from Advanced-stage Thyroid Cancer Patients with Bone Metastasis

Testimonials from a Balinese Thyroid Cancer Patient Post 1-Year Ablation Therapy

Testimonials from a Thyroid Cancer Patient with Kidney Disorders Undergoing Thyroid Nuclear Ablation

Thyroid Cancer Patient Experiences with Nuclear Ablation Therapy

Facilities at Mandaya Thyroid Cancer Center

Having advanced-stage thyroid cancer doesn’t mean giving up hope. At Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri, the experience of doctors combined with the latest medical facilities may be your first step forward.

Apart from ablation and surgery, treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are also available at this hospital. Additionally, Mandaya boasts the Elekta Versa HD radiotherapy machine, the highest version in its class.

Radiotherapy Machine at Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri
Radiotherapy Machine at Mandaya
Chemotherapy suite at Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri
Chemotherapy suite at Mandaya

Integrated cancer center at Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri offers comprehensive services for cancer patients supported by 4 professors specializing in cancer treatment and a team of oncology subspecialist doctors from various fields. Equipped with the latest medical technology, such as Elekta Versa HD Radiotherapy, a cutting-edge radiotherapy technology that can precisely kill cancer cells, and ICG Mapping biopsy procedures that allow for more accurate cancer spread diagnosis.

At Mandaya, you can receive comprehensive services from initial diagnosis to treatment. The hospital provides a variety of cancer treatment options, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and ablative nuclear treatment, which is still rare in Indonesia.

For those seeking consultations with doctors regarding cancer or other diseases, appointments can be made through Whatsapp, Book Appointment, or the Care Dokter app, available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

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