Gandeng Pusat Kanker Payudara Mandaya Royal Hospital, Prudential Indonesia Kenalkan Produk Asuransi Baru PRU Well di Hari Kartini

In anticipation of Kartini Day 2024, Prudential has collaborated with Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri to host a health talk event discussing breast cancer, featuring Dr. Enos H. Siburian, Sp.B Onk (K). Under the theme “Healthy Foundations,” Prudential aims to promote healthy lifestyles among its customers. Consequently, Prudential Indonesia has launched PRU Well.

PRU Well is Prudential’s latest product addressing public concerns about the escalating costs of premiums. With the system devised by PRU Well, customers can avail themselves of cost reductions while being encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With PRU Well, customers who do not file any claims throughout the coverage year will receive incentives in the form of premium discounts of up to 20% for the subsequent coverage period. Additionally, PRU Well offers other advantages such as collaborating with hospitals to establish PRU Priority Hospital, one of which is Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri.

The participants of the Prudential X Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri Health Talk
Dr. Enos H. Siburian, Sp.B Onk (K), discusses breast cancer prevention.
Participants inquire about breast cancer prevention.

Hospitals included in PRU Priority Hospital offer quality inpatient experiences with international standards, ensuring patients receive maximum and satisfactory care. Moreover, patients can also benefit from transparent estimates of medical costs from the outset and expedited processes for cashless inpatient insurance. Both Prudential as the insurance provider and Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri as the hospital are committed to making patients’ medical journeys comfortable and obstacle-free.

This collaboration commitment is demonstrated through the hosting of light education sessions focusing on breast cancer prevention and the importance of conducting self-examinations (SADARI) to detect breast lumps early, before they become malignant or cancerous. In the spirit of Kartini Day, it is hoped that Indonesian women, who now have the freedom to determine their own paths to health, will continue to understand the importance of preventive measures, thereby reducing the need for curative or treatment stages.

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Prudential’s choice to partner with Mandaya as a PRU Priority Hospital and as a speaker on breast cancer matters is not without reason. Breast cancer treatment at Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is carried out at the Breast Advance Cancer Center (BRAVE), equipped with the latest medical equipment and a multidisciplinary team of 31 specialist doctors.

State-of-the-art services such as Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy for the removal of benign breast tumors without surgery, cryoablation surgery for breast tumors, and advanced radiotherapy treatments are available at this hospital.

With these facilities, breast lump examinations can be comprehensively conducted on the same day and directly managed by consultant oncology surgeons. This excellent service has been recognized by various parties, leading to the hospital being awarded the “Most Comprehensive Breast and Cancer Hospital” accolade in 2023.

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PRU Well customers who wish to undergo examinations at Mandaya can book appointments or consultations in advance using WhatsApp Chat, Book Appointment, or the Care Dokter app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store to facilitate visits, view queue numbers, and obtain other relevant information.

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