Research Team

Prof. Dr. dr. Soehartati A. Gondhowiardjo, Sp.Rad(K).Onk.Rad

Professor in Radiation Oncology
Department of Radiation Oncology
Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia


  1. 1Calreticulin Upregulation in Cervical Cancer Tissues From Patients After 10 Gy Radiation Therapy
  2. Global Health System Resilience during Encounters with Stressors–Lessons Learnt from Cancer Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Cancer Profile in Jakarta: A 5-year Descriptive Study
  4. Immune cells markers within local tumor microenvironment are associated with EBV oncoprotein in nasopharyngeal cancer
  5. Quality of life in children with brain tumors post radiotherapy in a lower-middle income country
  6. Deciphering Driver of Nasopharyngeal Cancer Development
  7. Correlation of Ki-67 with Radiation Response and Grade in Meningiomas: A Systematic Review.
  8. Characteristics and Assessment of Frailty as Risk Factor of Therapy-Related Acute Toxicities and Delayed Overall Treatment Time in Elderly Patients Treating with External Beam Radiation Therapy at Indonesia Top Referral Hospital
  9. DNA damage promotes HLA class I presentation by stimulating a pioneer round of translation-associated antigen production
  10. Modern radiotherapy technology: Obstacles and opportunities to access in low-and middle-income countries
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