Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri Launches Cancer Community “GENG MACAN”

As a premier cancer center, Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is committed to supporting patients from all angles. In addition to providing comprehensive medical services supported by a team of professional doctors and the latest medical technology, Mandaya has also launched the Mandaya Advance Cancer Center community, abbreviated as “GENG MACAN.”

This community is created as a support group for patients to exchange stories about various things, including their experiences undergoing treatment from the beginning to the present. The GENG MACAN community not only consists of patients who are still actively undergoing treatment but also patients who have been declared cancer-free.

Launching of Mandaya’s Cancer Community

At this warmly held event, cancer survivors, including those who have successfully achieved remission from stage IV cancer, shared their stories in front of patients and families still struggling with treatment. Yes, this gathering event was not only attended by patients but also by families who undoubtedly play a significant role during the treatment process.

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri acknowledges that families play a crucial role in the healing process. Therefore, this hospital is also committed to facilitating any needs of patients’ families related to health.

“There are many components that support the patient’s treatment process. Not only doctors and nurses, but also, of course, their families. So today, in launching the community, we invite all these components to relax, eat together, sing together, take photos, and share stories together. We want patients to feel that they have a lot of support, with the hope that they will continue to be enthusiastic,” explained Erwin Suyanto, Public Relations from Mandaya Hospital Group.

In addition to being a platform for sharing, the GENG MACAN cancer community is also expected to serve as an educational platform for patients, their families, and those around them to learn more about cancer. Prof. DR. Aru W. Sudoyo, Sp.PD-KHOM, FINASIM, FACP, mentioned in his speech that currently, in Indonesia, 70% of cancer patients begin examinations when they have already reached stage IV. This makes treatment more complicated.

“With this community, I hope it can also be an educational platform for the people around them. Explanations from patients are usually easier to understand and stick with people,” said Prof. Aru.

You can connect with this community via Instagram @miraclewarrior.id or contact Mandaya’s community relations at 0811-1916-6683 (Ruby) and 0811-1914-1912 (Gusto). Check out the excitement of this event in the video below:

Mandaya Advanced Cancer Center

The Integrated Cancer Center at Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri is a comprehensive service center for cancer patients supported by four professors specializing in cancer treatment and a team of oncology sub-specialist doctors from various fields. It is also equipped with the latest medical technology, such as Elektra Versa HD Radiotherapy, which is the latest radiotherapy technology capable of precisely killing cancer cells, and biopsy procedures with ICG Mapping, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis of cancer spread.

At Mandaya, you can receive comprehensive services from initial diagnosis to treatment. The hospital provides a variety of cancer treatment options, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and nuclear ablation treatment, which is still rare in Indonesia.

For those who wish to consult with doctors regarding cancer or other illnesses, appointments can be made through our app, Care Dokter. You can download it from Google Play and the App Store.

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